We are aware of this issue and as it is not affecting all customers right now we are investigating the issue to try and resolve it.   This situation seems to be isolated to just a few customers and is not a site-wide problem, so it's taking our tech department some time to find a solution to the issue.

Before you contact me please try these steps, as they have fixed the issue with some customers.

First, ensure that the clock on your computer is set correctly to the right date and time.   Our server has a security firewall that will block downloads and other things from working if your clock is not set on the current date and time.

After making sure your date and time are correct please clear your browser cache to get rid of anything that may have been cached prior to your clock issue (Even if it was set right still do this)

If you are getting a "Network Error" when you are trying to download files from PSM please follow these steps before contacting us.

1. Clear your browser Cache & Cookies

2. Log out of your account

3. Log Back Into your account

4. Try downloading again.

If the problem continues please try a different browser or on a different network.  We have had people that have had issues downloading on one network but then not another one.

If you still have the issue please submit a support ticket with the order number and the "Title" of the download from your downloadable products so that we can supply you with a temporary link until we get this issue resolved.